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By Elise Berenger  
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If you are looking to have some work done in your garden, you have come to the right place.

John Berenger from Project Kerbing specialises in Kerbing also known as Garden Edging or Borders. There are a variety of forms or profiles available.

Mower Edge

Kerbing mower edge

Large Mower Edge : aprox 175mm wide x 90mm high

Mini Mower Edge: aprox 150mm wide x 90mm high


Square Edge

Kerbing square edge

Also known as ‘Loaf of Bread’ approx 100mmwide x 90mm high

Sloping Edge

Kerbing sloping edge


Various Kerbing Images

Kerbing mower edge
Large mower edge kerbing

Kerbing square edge
Free form small square edge kerbing
Kerbing slope edge around bed
Sloping edge kerbing around bed on synthetic lawn
Kerbing square edge
Small mower kerbing defining beds and lawn
Kerbing square edge
Square edge kerbing with right angles in cream colour
Kerbing mower edge
Freshly laid mower edge kerbing
Kerbing mower edge around tree
Mower edge kerbing around tree
Kerbing blocks
Kerbing blocks – giving greater height

In addition to Kerbing we also provide a large number of other services, some of which are listed below

  • Instant lawn
  • Reticulation – installation and repairs
  • Making of garden beds
  • Mulching

Contact us through one of the following methods:

eMail John Berenger

mobile: 04 0875 5306

Look froward to helping you transform your garden!

No job too big or too small.

John Berenger

One Comment on "Best Perth Landscaping – Family Owned Business"

  1. phee fletcher on Sun, 12th Jul 2009 8:38 pm 

    Dear Mr. Berenger,

    I have seen your Kerbing work done in a friends garden. What a fantastic change to their property, it is the best I have EVER seen. Just AMAZING! Everybody should have it done in their garden!!!

    with great admiration,
    Phee Fletcher

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