Landscaping Perth Provides Professional Reticulation Services

You only need to make one call in Perth when considering reticulation services; Perth Landscaping. John Berenger has been operating this professional service as a family owned business for ten years. He provides friendly, honest reticulation services in Perth at a fair price.

Perth Landscaping offers the full range of reticulation services. Whether you need an entire system designed and installed, maintenance on your present system or modifications or additions to an inadequate reticulation system in Perth, John Berenger will come up with a creative and workable solution. He will discuss your watering needs and match the system to your present landscape design or plan. Different types of plants or grass have various watering needs. Large trees may have root systems that rob other surrounding plants of adequate water, but we will design and adjust your system as part of our reticulation services in Perth.

Most water companies require a rain sensor to be installed in any reticulation system to conserve water. Many customers with an independent bore also install these sensors so that they are not wasting water and to avoid over watering or pooling of water from rain and reticulation. Rain sensors also avoid the never-ending questions from family members “Why are the sprinklers running when it’s raining?”

Landscaping Perth will also fulfil your landscaping needs, such as design, plant selection, installation, etc. In addition to reticulation services in Perth, we also install kerbing and garden borders to add that finished look to your property and gardens.