Call Landscaping Perth for Reticulation Repairs

Reticulation systems can be finicky things. You are dealing with many watering heads that are connected to many metres of pipe. There are many electronic valves and a controller. All the elements of the system need to work in concert to avoid dry spots and the intermittent geyser in the middle of your lawn from a failed or broken head.

There may also be a hidden need for reticulation repairs in Perth. If you notice that you have an area of your lawn or garden where the turf or soil seems to be sinking or uneven for some otherwise unexplained reason, you may have an underground leak in your reticulation system. Pipes can split, joints can fail or leak, and the plastic heads may crack. This allows water to then leak out underground. As this water is under pressure, it can wash away the soil near the damaged pipe, causing the surface to begin to sink. It is like a microcosm of those sinkholes we see on television that swallow up cars on city streets.

Those soft depressions in your lawn may be a sign that you need to investigate reticulation repairs. Don’t worry; there are methods we can use to easily diagnose whether the depression is the result of a reticulation failure or some other natural occurrence. If the situation warrants reticulation repairs, Landscaping Perth will quickly, honestly and affordably conduct those reticulation repairs in Perth.