Do You Have “Watered Down” Garden Reticulation in Perth?

Expert garden reticulation in Perth requires more than just a water source and a bunch of pipes. The garden reticulation installer must understand the nature of the soil in the gardens. Soil with a high content of clay or rocks will not absorb and hold water as well as sandy or loamy soil. If garden areas are top dressed with mulch or sphagnum moss, it will affect how much water is required for plantings.

A critical issue for adequate garden reticulation is the water pressure and capacity of the system. The pressure is expressed in the number of litres per minute the water source can provide. Low water pressure limits the number of reticulation heads and the size of those heads that can be used simultaneously. That is why most systems of garden reticulation in Perth have more than one “zone” and why your entire property cannot be watered at the same time. There are complex calculations and flow rates for each type of reticulation head that disperses water to your garden. Too many heads providing excessive flow in one area could lead to some plantings not receiving adequate water.

The types of reticulation heads differ in more ways than just the amount of flow. There are garden reticulation heads that spray in a variety of patterns, such as 360 degrees, 180 degrees, 90 degrees, etc. They also vary by the radius they spray and whether they spray a strong stream or a fine mist. You would not want your fine rose bushes to be subjected to a steady, strong blast that would damage the delicate flowers.

There are also “drip” garden reticulation systems that provide a gentle drip at the base of plants that deliver water the roots. These systems can be very versatile. If all the options were not explained to you by your installer, you probably have “Watered Down” garden reticulation in Perth.