Meet the Berenger Clan

Hi there, my name is John Berenger. I am very much an outdoor person. I have been a farmer for 32 years. I moved with my wife and 7 children to Western Australia in late 2002, from Zimbabwe.

The government there took our beautiful, thriving farm and we were forced to move. We found ourselves here in Australia and after a few years of struggling with a business in the sports industry we made a new decision and went into landscaping.

It was a very welcome change as I so love being outside and active. I have been told I have “green fingers” by many people. This is probably as close to ‘farming’ as I am going to get for a while!

My key to success is ‘attention to detail’ and this factor along with my honest, reliable reputation has got me to where I am today.

John Berenger
0408 755 306